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The Iconic AE86 From Initial D Has Been Turned Into a Wireless Mouse


Written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno, Initial D is a wildly popular street racing manga series that was originally produced from 1995 through 2013. Set in Japan, the Initial D series was incredibly influential and introduced legions of kids to car and tuning culture. On top of spawning a host of follow-up film and video game titles, Initial D has also played a pivotal role in making the mid-‘80s Toyota AE86 a bonafide automotive icon. And while there already exist countless replica Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX builds and models of the manga’s hero car, Japanese outfit CAMSHOP has now revealed a wireless computer mouse version of the car. 


A licensed product of both the Toyota Motor Corporation and Kodansha (Initial D’s publisher), the AE86 wireless mouse wear’s the same iconic white and black livery seen on Fujiwara’s ride, complete with black “Fujiwara Tofu Ten” text on the driver’s side door. Alongside flared fenders and replica five-arm wheels, the mouse also sports a replica version of Takumi’s car’s muffler, and Initial D-logoed license plate cards front and rear. 


What’s more, when the wireless mouse is turned on, the liftback model’s yellow fog lights and red taillights both light up, adding an extra dose of realism. In fact, aside from the scroll-wheel poking through its hood, the mouse is actually an incredibly detailed and lifelike little replica. CAMSHOP’s Initial D AE86 mouse measures 5.1” L x 2” W x 1.55” H — making it approximately 1:32 scale in relation to the actual car. Made from ABS resin, the mouse is also sold with one of two different included 9.44” x 7.87” Initial D mousepads that both feature images of Takumi Fujiwara standing next to his AE86.


Available for order now with shipping scheduled to begin later this month, the CAMSHOP Initial D Toyota AE86 Wireless Mouse has been priced at ¥6,600 (~ $50) including tax.