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Bang & Olufsen’s Updated Beoplay Portal Meets All Your Gaming Needs

As far as premium headphones are concerned, one would be hard-pressed to find a better company than Bang & Olufsen. While the Danish high-end consumer electronics company has a stellar reputation for its spattering of world-class electronics, its audio equipment truly takes the cake. Sitting atop Bang & Olufsen’s killer lineup of headphones and earphones are its gaming-focused Beoplay headphones, which have developed a ravenous following due to their unparalleled quality. Now, Bang & Olufsen is adding to its audio domination with an updated pair of Beoplays that look to appeal to an even wider swath of the gaming community.

The updated Beoplay Portal fires on all cylinders. From looks to performance to comfort, Bang & Olufsen has made it abundantly clear that these headphones are a cut above the rest. These handsome cans offer high-fidelity 3D sound to make users feel fully immersed in their video games. By leveraging Dolby Atmos technology, the Beoplay Portal provides a surround sound experience with thudding bass, crisp highs, and deep mids. The company also employed several powerful microphones to create a “virtual boom” that operates like a traditional gaming mic without the clunky plastic extension getting in your way.

The headliner update to the Beoplay Portal, however, is Playstation compatibility. The OGs only worked with PC and Xbox, but this latest rendition adds Sony’s hit console to the mix. The headphones are also Bluetooth enabled so users can also pair them with their other devices, including mobile gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch. But the Beoplay Portal doesn’t stop impressing there. Its battery life is staggering, offering 19 hours of wireless gaming for PC and Playstation which bring out the full throttle of the Portal’s capabilities. If you’re not using the Portal with your PC or Playstation, it boasts an immense Bluetooth 42 battery life, even with Active Noise Cancelling.

Performance capabilities aside, these over-ears look fantastic, sporting a sleek and contemporary design. It’s safe to say that Bang & Olufsen, once again, outdid itself when making these elite gaming headphones. The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal gaming headphones retail for $499 and are available now.

Purchase: $499

Photo: Bang & Olufsen