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Anker’s GaNPrime Chargers Save Enough Energy to Power All of Hawaii

Nowadays, the average person has more gadgets than they can keep track of, so keeping them charged for when they’re needed is crucial. In this space, there are few better brands to look to than Anker, which has just unveiled its array of gallium nitride chargers to deliver an efficient result with less bulk.

The manufacturer’s high-tech catalog features six accessories that aim to reduce the average charger’s carbon footprint by 30%, reduce annual e-waste by a whopping 300,000 tons, and charge your devices up to a whole hour faster. We’ll start with the 735, a charger that can power up to 3 devices at once up to 30 minutes faster via its USB-A port and pair of USB-C ports. Next, the 120-watt 737 charger can juice devices up to 26 minutes faster and save enough energy to power Hawaii for an entire month. Lastly, the all-inclusive 747 is capable of taking on 4 devices simultaneously and measures 38% smaller than the typical Apple charger.

Anker is well known for its power banks, so it’s no surprise that a new one appears here. The 2-in-1 733 seamlessly operates with all your devices and can even charge a brand new iPhone 13 over two times. On top of that, there is a 5-port power strip that delivers high-speed charging and is the perfect travel accessory if you have a handful of devices. Lastly, the powerful 6-port charging station measures as big as a smartphone and can easily be stowed in your pocket for portability’s sake. Plus, it can power a brand new 16” MacBook Pro up to 50% in under 45 minutes.

If you’re tired of having your batteries drained all the time, then Anker is here to lend a hand. The innovative company’s GaNPrime collection is available starting from $60, with some products expected to ship beginning August 8.

Purchase: $60+

Photo: Anker