Tarform Is Developing a 120-HP All-Electric Personal Watercraft

Tarform Raye EV Watercraft 0 Hero
Photos: Tarform

Founded in 2016, Tarform is a Brooklyn-based startup that first appeared on our radar with its Luna electric smart motorcycle in 2020. And after finally beginning its first deliveries of its inaugural offering last year, we expected the fledgling firm to begin developing a followup two-wheeler. However, it appears Tarform has now taken the knowledge and expertise gained from creating the Luna to deliver a fully-electric personal watercraft known as the Tarform Raye.

Tarform Raye EV Watercraft 1
Photo: Tarform

Utilizing biomimicry, the design of the Raye was directly inspired by the manta ray — a creature that’s roamed the oceans for more than 120,000,000 years. Powered by an electric water jet propulsion system, the Raye offers a top speed of 43.44 knots (50mph). Compatible with both Level 1 and Level 2 charging, the PWC will be offered in two versions; an 52.2-kW (70-hp) base model variant with one hour of ride time; and an 89.5-kW (120-hp) model with two-hours of autonomy per charge. 

Tarform Raye EV Watercraft 2
Photo: Tarform

Helmed via a set of handlebars with an integrated digital display, the PWC runs off of a proprietary operating system that’s capable of receiving over-the-air updates. The vehicle also boasts machine learning, ride statistics, available battery health and status monitoring, and a sensor array that allows for predictive maintenance. Two-rider-friendly, this fully-electric take on traditional Waverunners and Jetskis will also be offered with the buyer’s choice of recycled carbon fiber bodywork, or a body crafted from the same proprietary biodegradable flax seed weave-reinforced composite used on the Tarform Luna. It is worth noting that, thus far, the Tarform Raye is in the early phases of its development process, and its design or specs may change before it reaches production. 

Tarform Raye EV Watercraft 3
Photo: Tarform

Offered with a wide range of customizable options, the Tarform Raye EV Watercraft is expected to feature pricing starting at $68,000. Thus far, a release date and a production schedule have yet to be revealed. Those intrigued by the forthcoming EV watercraft can register their interest on Tarform’s website to receive updates.