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Reigning Champ Revives the Kyoto Black Collection with Its Most Popular Pieces

Reigning Champ Kyoto Black Collection 2023 0 Hero
Photo: Reigning Champ

Around this time last year, Reigning Champ churned out its Kyoto Black project, which the Canadian clothier basically touted as the darkest shade possible. Working alongside an imperial dye house in the heart of Kyoto, the two have reunited to unveil another slew of essentials coated in this traditional hue.

Reigning Champ Kyoto Black Collection 2023 1
Photo: Reigning Champ

The Mibu-bred dye house has been perfecting this technique since 1915, although it only developed the unique kurozome kakuemi method in the mid-’90s. This eco-cognizant approach to creating such vast depth uses several forms of bottoming, such as madder, indigo, tea leaves, and bark, all coming together to create a rich shade of black that won’t fade after one too many hot days or loads of laundry.

Reigning Champ Kyoto Black Collection 2023 2
Photo: Reigning Champ

Seeing as Reigning Champ puts such emphasis on tradition and precision, each offering in its rehashed collection undergoes several rounds of dyeing in order to reach its ideal shade. Moreover, the athleisure label doused over ten its most popular products in this stark shade of black, including several silhouettes through its famous Light-and-Midweight Jersey lineup and several of its plush Midweight Terry pieces. And while each piece included is great in its own right, we’re no one to argue against an all-black ensemble.

Reigning Champ Kyoto Black Collection 2023 3
Photo: Reigning Champ

Reigning Champ’s newest Kyoto Black collection is available on its webshop now, ranging in price from $100-$230.