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Piloti’s Drift Sneakers Were Engineered For Hardcore Heel-Toe Action

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Photos: Piloti

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Traditionally, driving shoes have either been offered in more old-school loafer-style models and more contemporary karting-type shoes. Recognizing this reality, Piloti — a brand with nearly a quarter of a century of experience producing driving-specific footwear — has taken its performance driven design principles from its existing driving shoes and applied them to a more casual range of sneakers that still allow for some stellar heel-toe action. Case in point, the Piloti Drift driving sneakers.

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Photo: Piloti

Handcrafted in Portugal using materials primarily sourced from Italy, the Drift sneaker is crafted around a set of gorgeous Nubuck and leather uppers with an unmistakably premium look and feel. The sides of the uppers also feature laser-cut perforations in the the shape of Piloti’s “P” logo — a design that’s modeled after a car’s pedal box — while the back of the heel sports hand-stitched red threading that serves as a subtle nod to taillights. Legitimately engineered for true all-day comfort, the entire shoe is stacked atop a super grippy functional gum bottom outsole with a multi-directional tread pattern. Inside, the Drift has been treated to an all-new sole design, an ONSTEAM anti-microbial lining, and either a removable, contoured cork insole or a perforated insole made from a combination of EVA and compressed recycled foam.

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Photo: Piloti

And while they may resemble a pair of designer leather sneakers, the reality is that Piloti’s Drift shoe was developed to deliver the same levels of feedback and performance as the rest of the brand’s track and loafer-style driving footwear. As such, the Drift sneaker boasts features such as rounded sole edges that have been shaped to avoid catching while transitioning between pedals, and a slightly thinner, soft forefoot section that massively enhances tactile feedback, response, and pedal feel. Additionally, the Drift sneakers also hugely benefit from Piloti’s patented Roll Control 2.0 heel technology. Derived from the driving boots, this second-gen tech manages to deliver a consistent curvature from the bottom of the wearer’s foot to the back of their heel, evenly distributing forces and bolstering stability. Piloti has also bestowed the Drift sneakers with a steel torsion bar to further bolster foot stability. 

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Photo: Piloti

The Piloti Drift Driving Sneakers are available now, with pricing set at just $175. And, alongside the Cognac colorway seen here, these driving sneakers are also offered in four additional color options.