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Noah Celebrates the Puma Clyde’s 60th Anniversary with a Japanese-Crafted Pair

Noah MIJ Puma Clyde 0 Hero
Photo: Noah | Puma

While Walt Frazier’s on-court highlights may not pop up very often, the Knick legend’s signature sneaker still has every right to be celebrated these days, and Noah, being a local, is well aware of that. By taking on one of the sneaker world’s most iconic silhouettes, the New York streetwear brand proves it can add a refined touch to just about anything, having ventured to Land of the Rising Sun to do so.

Noah MIJ Puma Clyde 1
Photo: Noah | Puma

For the sake of the silhouette’s anniversary, Noah’s buttery-smooth take on the Puma Clyde sees the classic shoe crafted as well as it’s ever been, all the while finished with the elements that made it so timeless. This includes the signature gold-foil embellishments to a supple suede upper available in three chic colors (blue, brown, and green), the latter of which is courtesy of Japan’s only expert tannery that specializes in the delicate material. Meanwhile, the chic shades are a result of an age-old dyeing process.

Noah MIJ Puma Clyde 2
Photo: Noah | Puma

From sunglasses to sneakers, virtually anything you find with a ‘Made in Japan‘ label attached to it will prove to be of high quality. Primarily thanks to the country’s testament to innovating production methods while implementing tried-and-true techniques of old, we’ve seen countless products crafted through the country that simply can’t compare to many other places — yes, even the states, at least in some instances. We see the same scenario arise with Noah’s latest joint effort, no less.

Noah MIJ Puma Clyde 3
Photo: Noah | Puma

Puma’s collab with Noah will be available beginning the morning of March 16.