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New Balance’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ 550s Feature Fragments of a Pallasite Meteorite

Photo: Sotheby's

Commercial space travel is all the rage nowadays, but why not try and bring some of that excitement back down to our planet? To celebrate Adam McKay’s upcoming astral satire, Don’t Look Up, Netflix has partnered up with Matt Burgess of Matt BCustoms to customize a pair of New Balance’s iconic 550s. Embellishing Jennifer Lawrence’s character in the film, the two came together to coat the shoe’s accents with a literal meteorite.

Labeled the ‘Dibiasky’ in reference to Lawrence’s character in the upcoming Netflix flick, the detail and effort put forth into these customs are truly unrivaled. Conceived in the core of a comet, the Seymachan meteorite that was chipped away at for the sake of this design was born 4.5 billion years ago. Having been found in a dry bed of the river Hekandue out in Russia, it’s clear that the Space Race may still be going on today, and the latest leg-up are these exquisitely designed shoes. Deriving from the meteorite’s core-mantle boundary, 34 pieces of the stone were precisely cut by way of a high-pressure water jet to accent the moon-colored pair of kicks. Boasting glistening hues of emerald, amber, and everything in between, these are finished off with a fitting lace-lock that features a Widmanstätten pattern, that of which comes to shape as a result of meteorites’ long-term cooling period.

In all honesty, you are unlikely to ever find a pair of custom shoes similar to this on the market, and where else to take a peek at some wildly exclusive pairs than Sotheby’s? As a one-off pair, these will be selling for an expected $13,200 on December 17th. Luckily, anyone interested can find peace in the fact that a portion of your payment will be donated to the WWF.

Purchase: $13,200+

Photo: Sotheby’s
Photo: Sotheby’s
Photo: Sotheby’s