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Levi’s Vintage Clothing Releases a 500-Edition Pair of Japanese 1947 501s

Levi’s catalog is deeply woven into the fabric of fashion culture — not only in America but across the entire world. With its Vintage Clothing branch having released a pair of Japan-exclusive, selvedge denim-crafted, 1966-inspired 501s just a few years ago, the heritage label is now stepping back even further with the release of 1947 501 jeans crafted from shrink-to-fit Japanese denim.

With the initial pair that was released in Japan proving to be a phenomenal success, it comes as no surprise that Levi’s is aiming to make the most of the Asian nation’s appetite for good denim once again. These timeless, 1947-inspired jeans are limited to a mere 500 pairs and boast a sturdy 12-ounce selvedge makeup that is synonymous with rigid, Japanese denim. They feature a silhouette and fit similar to that of Levi’s 1955 rendition, another staple in the realm of Americana.

Added embellishments on this particular pair include branded button engravings, the iconic two-horse back patch, and tags written entirely in Japanese, going to show that this would serve as a unique addition to practically anybody’s wardrobe. The way we see it, there aren’t many fusions that go as well with one another as emblematic American workwear and Japanese denim, so this is truly a match made in heaven for fans of either.

If you’re looking to get your hands on these new stellar new vintage bottoms, we recommend acting fast. The limited-edition Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1947 501 jeans are available now for ¥81,400 (~$702) on the brand’s Japan-based website.

Purchase: $702