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Levi’s Iconic 501 Jeans Just Got a Plant-Based Remake

Levis Plant Based 501 0 Hero
Photos: Levi's

The iconic jeans from Levi’s are about as classically American as you can get – founded in 1853,  Levi Strauss & Co. realized that the workforce needed sturdier clothing and graced the States (and the entire world) with the first pair of denim jeans. And in 1873, the label made the first pair of blue jeans with copper rivets: the 501. Since then, the jeans have been loved by everyone, from blue-collar workers to fashion heads, and to celebrate 150 years since the first pair came out, the label has announced a plant-based version of the jeans. The Levi’s Plant-Based 501 is a reimagining of the classic silhouette, and they’re made with 97% plant-based material.

Levis Plant Based 501 1
Photo: Levi’s

This plant-based material blend is comprised of organically grown cotton, natural dyes, ink sourced from wood waste, and a plant-based patch (a big change considering the iconic leather Levi’s patch). The cotton is 100% OCS-Certified organically grown and then dyed with a plant-based indigo (courtesy of Stony Creek Colors, a company that makes dye with naturally-grown indigo in the States). The famous backpatch isn’t made of leather this time around, but with a mock leather comprised of a material called MIRUM (from Natural Fiber Welding, which works to reduce plastic with innovative alternatives). It’s made with 100% biobased and plastic-free ingredients, and the production generates zero liquid waste.

Along with the plant-based 501s, a selvedge denim 501 made with a hemp/cotton blend and the Circular 501 (made with organic cotton and Renewcell’s Circulose fiber), are also set to release later this year.

Right now, only the women’s options of the Plant-Based 501 jeans are available in a medium wash and a light wash (Blue From Green and Indigo Botanics, respectively), and are going for $128. You can expect to see the men’s options at the end of the month on July 31st.