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Proof’s 72-Hour Technical Collection was Tested in the Elements

Huckberry x Proof 72 Hour Tee 0 Hero
Photos: Huckberry

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Summer is in full swing, and so is travel season, which means your next adventure might be around the corner. If that involves long days on the trails or nights at the campsite, it’s best to have gear that can withstand tough conditions (and for a long time). Proof, a Huckberry house brand, knows all about the importance of durable technical apparel, and the label’s 72-Hour Merino Wool lineup has long been a favorite of not only HB, but of outdoor enthusiasts all over. The name’s reference to sprawling three-day adventures is brought to life in Huckberry’s 72 Hours docuseries, where the label’s very own Ben O’Meara puts Proof’s gear to the test (and explores some stunning locations while he’s at it). For the fifth installment in this series, the team headed to Oregon to put the gear to the test, and you can get the Huckberry x Proof 72-Hour apparel featured in the video right now.

Huckberry x Proof 72 Hour Tee 1
Photo: Huckberry

The 72-Hour tee is one of Huckberry’s best-selling shirts for a reason; it proudly lives up to the name, lasting for 72 hours straight in tough conditions without breaking down or producing bad odors. It’s made from merino wool sourced from New Zealand, then reinforced with nylon so you can toss it in the washer. The shirt is also rated for UPF 30+ protection, so harsh UV rays from the sun are sufficiently blocked, and the natural odor resistance and moisture-wicking properties of the material make that summer heat much more bearable.

Huckberry x Proof 72 Hour Tee 2
Photo: Huckberry

As for the other options, the Merino UPF Hoodie provides the same longevity and odor resistance as the OG, but with a UPF 50+ rating and a little heavier material construction. There’s also the Merino Polo Shirt if you want a different option for style, which is great because the 72-Hour gear makes for solid daily drivers and not just outdoor apparel. 

Huckberry x Proof 72 Hour Tee 3
Photo: Huckberry

The Proof 72-Hour collection, which features the original Merino T-Shirt (in Performance or Classic fit), the Merino Polo Shirt, and the Merino UPF Hoodie, is available now starting at $88 through Huckberry’s website.