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The Grateful Dead x Huckberry Collection is Made for the Modern-Day Deadhead

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Though the group ultimately broke up in 1995 on the heels of the death of its leader and frontman Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead’s cultural legacy very much still lives on today. In a bid to honor the band and its impact on design and pop culture, online retailer Huckberry has partnered with the legendary Bay Area band to deliver a limited edition clothing capsule for the modern-day Deadhead. 

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Photo: Huckberry

To bring this collection to life, Huckberry called on celebrity chef and certified Deadhead Mason Hereford. In addition to penning multiple cookbooks, serving as the head chef at Coquette, and founding, owning, and operating New Orleans-based sandwich shop Turkey and the Wolf, Hereford possesses an extreme passion and proclivity for all things The Grateful Dead — as well as what is unequivocally one of the world’s largest and most impressive collections of memorabilia and merch from the jam band. When designing the Huckberry x Grateful Dead capsule collection Hereford drew heavily from his own personal collection of shirts, album covers, books, posters, and other accessories, merch, and memorabilia.

Mason also turned to the community of Deadheads that he’s been trading and buying memorabilia from over the years, getting input from the band’s wildly dedicated community of fans and followers. Ensuring a level of authenticity that otherwise would have been impossible, this input from the group’s cult following ultimately led Hereford to select a myriad of the group’s classic iconography for this limited edition clothing collection — such as the Rose Stealie motif, Steal Your Face design, 13-point lightning bolt, and Dancing Bear — using classic logos and motifs on some items while other see unique spins on some of its iconic logos and graphics.

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Photo: Huckberry

Made almost entirely in America, this collection also features a pocket tee-shirt with a peek-a-boo graphic of the band’s 13-point lightning bolt on the front and an image on the back that’s been taken straight from the Grateful Dead’s Dave’s Picks Volume 23 live album. More noteworthy is the capsule’s pair of crewneck sweatshirts — one of which sports the band’s Rose Stealie design while the other is adorned in GD’s Dancing Bear. Anchoring this limited edition collection is a special version of the Flint and Tinder Flannel-lined Waxed Trucker Jacket, which features a Rose Stealie adorning its back and a removable pin on the front pocket flap. The designs on both the crewnecks and the waxed trucker jacket have been brought to life via hand-chain-stitching courtesy of a single artisan at Pumpkinseed Chainstitching in Fishs Eddy in upstate New York.

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Photo: Huckberry

Starting at just $14, the Huckberry x Grateful Dead Collection is available now in limited numbers exclusively through Huckberry. Pot and patchouli oil smell sold separately.