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The New Harley-Davidson Vintage Collection Spotlights Champion Collabs

Harley Davidson Authorized Vintage Collection 0 Hero

With streetwear (and fashion in general) always evolving, it’s hard to predict what the next craze will be, especially since renewed interest in old-school styles or brands happens with seemingly no rhyme or reason. And with the rising popularity of social media and influencers, these trends are sometimes gone just as fast as they arrived. Harley-Davidson is an interesting example of these changing tides benefiting an American heritage brand that’s glory days seemed to be in the rearview mirror, even though they’ve maintained a somewhat steady interest in its clothes. But the brand’s situation, in particular, was not random (or at least H-D’s response wasn’t) as the label recognized the growing interest in its vintage clothing, especially among younger people, and capitalized on it. The Milwaukee MoCo dropped three premium lifestyle clothing collections in February of this year (Bar & Shield, Originals, and Authorized Vintage) in response to this interest, and it’s been an exciting handful of months already. Especially now that the new Harley Davidson Authorized Vintage Collection has just dropped, featuring some retro collaborations with Champion.

Harley Davidson Authorized Vintage Collection 1
Photo: Harley-Davidson

For this month’s Authorized Vintage Collection, Harley-Davidson is highlighting its collaboration pieces with Champion, an American clothing label that also saw a recent resurgence in popularity (particularly in street fashion). The 1970’s Champion More Than A Machine 3/4 Sleeve Tee features a retro illustration of Harley-Davidson’s ‘76 Bicentennial Shovelhead FXE on a soft cotton tee. They’ve also included a football jersey in classic Harley orange with the brand’s logo on the front.

Harley Davidson Authorized Vintage Collection 2
Photo: Harley-Davidson

One of the jackets in the collection, the 1979 Champion #1 Harley-Davidson Jacket, is also inspired by that funky ‘70s style, with a #1 patch on the front and a 1979 racing series patch on the arm. This collection from H-D, especially the collabs with Champion, are great homages that should get you excited for what’s to come.

Harley Davidson Authorized Vintage Collection 3
Photo: Harley-Davidson

The Harley Davidson Authorized Vintage Collection is available now on Harley Davidson’s Collection website.