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Danner’s First-Ever Motorcycle Boots Feature a Clutch Guard and Two Outsole Options

Danner Moto GTX Boots 0 Hero
Photo: Danner

For over 90 years, Danner has been making some of the finest boots in the world, whether you were using them for working, adventuring, or anything in between. However, up until now, the Portland-based icon has yet to make footwear specifically for motorcycle riding. That’s not to say enthusiasts haven’t successfully transposed the brand’s other models for use on a scrambler or cafe racer — the Acadia, for one, has been a popular model for such an endeavor. But with the latest Moto GTX silhouettes, Danner has given enthusiasts something to hold up to foot shifting and the oft-unpredictable life on the road.

Danner Moto GTX Boots 1
Photo: Danner

Made with input from motorcycle experts, Danner’s first-ever motorcycle boot comes in two versions, the Moto GTX and the Moto Wedge GTX. The main difference is that the former gives you a slightly more curved arch for better grip while the latter offers a firmer plant on your pegs. Both models feature the same 5.5-ounce full-grain leather upper which sports an additional layer of leather at the toe so the boot won’t get worn down from shifting like they would if you were to use a non-moto boot. The Moto models also have waterproof-breathable GORE-TEX lining and a flexible and lightweight D3O foam on the inside of the collar that’s designed to stiffen upon impact to protect your ankles.

Danner Moto GTX Boots 2
Photo: Danner

Designed for wearing indoors as well, the lightweight and cushioned Danner Wedge outsole is lightweight and oil-resistant, which means that you won’t slip on wood or concrete surfaces. As for the outsole on the non-Wedge version of the boot, it’s made from a Vibram 148 Kletterlift with Megagrip that’s incredibly grippy and shock-absorbant while also holding up to both wet and dry surfaces.

Danner Moto GTX Boots 3
Photo: Danner

Made in the USA, the Moto GTX motorcycle boots are now available from Danner’s website for $480.