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The Best Vintage Inspired Gear from Harley-Davidson’s Reissued Collection

The Best Retro Reissues From Harley Davidsons Historic Archives 00 Hero
Photo: HICONSUMPTION | Harley-Davidson

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In 1903, William Harley teamed up with brothers Walter, William, and Arthur Davidson to establish a small motorcycle company. Though originally working out of a small shed in the Davidsons’ backyard, the Harley-Davidson Motor Co. would eventually blossom into one of the most revered and iconic American brands of all time. Over its years in operation, the MoCo has left an indelible mark on the motorcycle industry, with a slew of historically significant bikes, communities, race teams, and other endeavors that have transformed the company into a bonafide American institution. And with 2023 marking the Milwaukee marque’s 120th anniversary, it’s opted to celebrate the occasion, digging into the Harley-Davidson Museum’s extensive historical archives in order to produce a limited edition run of what’s been dubbed the H-D Originals Reissued collection. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite of these authentic archival reproductions for this handpicked guide to the best vintage and retro reissues from Harley-Davidson’s Historic Archives. 

HD Museum Originals Oakland Pin
Photo: Harley-Davidson | H-D Museum

H-D Museum Originals Oakland Pin

Sold with a backcard copy with historical reference, the H-D Museum Originals Oakleaf Pin is an archival reproduction pin of a seldom-seen logo that was briefly utilized by the MoCo before being phased out in favor of the now-iconic Bar & Shield logo in 1910. 

HD Museum Gold Pennant
Photo: Harley-Davidson | H-D Museum

H-D Museum Gold Pennant

Though not a replica reissue of a piece of clothing, the H-D Museum Gold Pennant is nonetheless the result of one of Harley’s historians digging deep into the company museum’s archives, which is where this 1929 pennant was discovered. Just like the original, the modern reissue is crafted from felt.

HD Museum Mens Modern Bar and Shield Short Sleeve Tee 1440x960
Photo: Harley-Davidson | H-D Museum

H-D Museum Men’s Modern Bar & Shield Short Sleeve Tee

Certain apparel items from Harley-Davidson have become nearly as iconic as some of the brand’s motorcycles, and nowhere is this more true than with the classic Bar & Shield logo tee. Made from 100% ring-spun cotton, the shirt also features an archival Harley-Davidson museum and factory image screen-printed on its back. 

HD Museum Mens Gold Font Race Jersey
Photo: Harley-Davidson | H-D Museum

H-D Museum Men’s Gold Font Race Jersey

From 1920s era board track racers to flat trackers like the XR-750 to even road racers like the XRTT and VR1000, Harley has a long and illustrious history of two-wheeled competition, and has supported a slew of factory-backed race programs over the years. Made in America from USA-sourced materials, this replica reissue of a cotton crew neck race jersey sports a vintage cut and individual felt letters that have been sewn to the jersey by hand. 

HD Museum Mens Striped Sleeve Jersey
Photo: Harley-Davidson | H-D Museum

H-D Museum Men’s Striped Sleeve Jersey

A personal garment favorite of diehard Harley enthusiast Jason Momoa — who recently linked up with the MoCo for a limited edition vintage-inspired apparel collection — the H-D Museum Men’s Striped Sleeve Jersey is an even more iconic replica reissue of a cotton race jersey from Harley’s golden era of competition. Alongside a thick cotton construction, this jersey also features striped sleeves and felt letters sewn onto the garment by hand. USA-made, the jersey is also perfect for use in vintage events such as The Race of Gentlemen. 

HD Museum Mens Khaki Club Shirt
Photo: Harley-Davidson | H-D Museum

H-D Museum Men’s Khaki Club Shirt

The original Harley Club Shirt was initially offered as a work shirt through its official Parts and Accessories catalog in 1940. Roughly 80 years after its debut, and this work shirt has been authentically recreated, with the American-made reissue retaining the original’s vintage cut, cotton construction, and chain-stitched embroidered lettering and logo.  

HD Museum Mens Black Club Jacket
Photo: Harley-Davidson | H-D Museum

H-D Museum Men’s Black Club Jacket

First offered by Harley in 1949, the Club Jacket is a thicker, heavier counterpart to the Club Shirt that was popular with riders during the warmer seasons of the year. Utilizing a two-done design, the zip-up jacket features a Harley-Davidson Wing logo on the chest, white shoulder patches, white hand-pocket piping, and a large “Harley-Davidson Sale and Service Milwaukee, WI” motif on the back. 

HD Museum Mens OB Arch Font Race Sweater
Photo: Harley-Davidson | H-D Museum

H-D Museum Men’s OB Arch Font Race Sweater

While it may be hard to believe, knitted sweaters were once the garment of choice for a great many motorcycle racers — with the members of Harley’s factory team very much included. Celebrating its rich competition history, Harley-Davidson has released a highly-authentic reissue of another one of its racing sweaters that maintains its 1940s era predecessor’s worsted wool four-end jersey-knit construction, hand-applied black-on-white felt lettering, and talon pull-equipped 3/4 zipper. 

HD Museum Cycle King Jacket

H-D Museum Cycle King Jacket

While it may be a riding staple today, the introduction of the leather riding jacket in 1947 was an absolute game-changer for motorcyclists. Made in America, this premium archival reissue is crafted from steer leather hide that’s hot-waxed by hand using a pre-WW2 era formula before being fitted with a Woolrich plaid lining and extra-heavy metal zipper and accents. The leather will also flex, wear, and ultimately form a unique patina over time with regular use. 

Honorable Mention

American Heritage Oversized Bandana
Photo: Harley-Davidson

American Heritage Oversized Bandana

Measuring 27” x 27”, the Harley-Davidson American Heritage Oversized Bandana is a classic biker staple through and through, merging a tradtional paisley design with the brand’s Bar & Shield logo. While not technically part of the H-D Originals Reissues Collection, this timeless essential is still more than worthy of an honorable mention on this list.