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Amazon’s Aware Line Boasts a Slew of Sustainable, Carbon-Neutral Products

An innumerable amount of scientific studies have made it abundantly clear that climate change is real and its daunting effects are already affecting us. The recent surge in environmental awareness has made sustainability go from a cute marketing fad to a bonafide pillar of production and development for companies throughout the world. Now, Amazon, the largest distributor and retailer in the world, is putting its corporate weight behind the cause with its newest line of sustainable, carbon-neutral everyday essentials: Amazon Aware.

The Amazon Aware line exists to address the needs of the booming number of climate-conscious consumers by making a collection of certifiably sustainable home essentials accessible to everyone. All of the offerings in the Aware line, which range from bedding to paper goods to clothing and even beauty products, are carbon-neutral and meet the requirements of the Carbon Pledge Friendly program. Given the wide range of products included in the Amazon Aware line, each product type has a certification from a third party of its industry to ensure its carbon-neutral status. For example, some of the clothes have certifications from the Global Recycling Standard, while the household products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

To cover your everyday sartorial needs, the Amazon Aware line boasts thirteen different pieces. Customers can choose from cotton crew tees, recycled polyester sherpa jackets, fleece sweatpants, a fleece hoodie, socks, and a surprisingly stylish array of chinos, just to name a few. The line also has a stalwart collection of sheets and towels, as well as a host of 100% recycled paper materials to use for cleaning.

Amazon Aware even features self-care products like a hydrating face wash, body wash, and face cream which all come in aluminum packaging and feature vegan formulas. The Amazon Aware line may not be the silver bullet for climate change, but it’s certainly a big step in the right direction for corporations to do their part.

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Photo: Amazon