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1733 x Huckberry’s Weather-Resistant X-Pac X11 Duffle Bag is Made in the USA

1733 X11 Duffle Bag 37L 0 Hero
Photo: 1733 | Huckberry

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Let’s face it: there aren’t many better feelings than owning an exclusive piece of gear. Whether it’s sneakers, pocket knives, or, in this case, duffle bags, it’s part of the allure that comes with buying something brand new. Regarding collaborative colorways, few retailers pull off the perfect palette quite like Huckberry, who just tapped small-batch bagmaker 1733 to put a stylish spin on its X11 Duffle Bag, which is ideal for the long haul.

1733 X11 Duffle Bag 37L 1
Photo: 1733 | Huckberry

1733 uses a slew of premium materials to construct this lightweight, water-resistant carry, including abrasion-resistant X-Pac X11 fabric accented by Cordura reinforcements. Plus, each of its openings is bolstered by water-resistant zippers to keep your gear nice, dry, and, most of all, safe. That said, what’s the use of protecting your equipment if you’re not willing to organize it? That’s why the bag maker implements a pair of zipped pockets inside and out, ensuring anything you have on hand remains secure.

1733 X11 Duffle Bag 37L 2
Photo: 1733 | Huckberry

More importantly, you should be able to easily access your gear, which the X11’s unique, U-shaped opening makes abundantly clear. Whether you want to jam a couple of extra pieces in or pull them out to create more space, this 37-liter bag offers more than enough accessible storage space. Lastly, the American-based manufacturer handcrafts the sturdy duffle in the heart of Chicago, instituting optimized factory production methods to ensure this and each of its other options are built to withstand intense temperatures.

1733 X11 Duffle Bag 37L 3
Photo: 1733 | Huckberry

In case you were wondering how hard it can be to get a hand on one of 1733’s bags, it only churns out small batches on the second Friday of every month, deeming this joint effort quite the event. Pick up this exclusive take on 1733’s X11 Duffle Bag for $320, only on Huckberry.