Sonos’ Updated Roam Portable Speaker Offers Up to 10 Hours of Listening Time

Sonos has really solidified its place in the pantheon of sound equipment over the past few years. As a result, even the most minute change to one of its most popular products is deemed noteworthy, which is why the manufacturer’s latest iteration of the Roam is garnering so much attention. Maintaining the sonic prowess that Sonos has known for, the portable speaker is shedding a feature — and it may be better as a result.

While the Roam SL has done away with the original’s built-in microphone, the remaining elements that made this speaker so great to begin with stay intact. These include the intricately-engineered pair of Class-H digital amplifiers, seamless AirPlay connectivity, adjustable EQ, and ergonomic composition. The latter of the four may prove to be the most convenient, seeing as it measures at just over 6.5″ tall and right under 4.5″ wide.

For added functionality and portability, the shock-absorbent Roam SL boasts IP67 water and dustproof rating, capable of being submerged up to three feet of water for half an hour. Therefore, when we say you can take this speaker anywhere, we sincerely mean it. Set to arrive in a pair of colors, either black or white, it’s clear that the sound speaks for itself with no need for additional eccentricity.

While the Roam SL lacks a microphone, many users may prefer the simpler setup, lower price, and lack of any potential third parties listening in on your party that the missing mic brings. Sonos’ Roam SL will be available starting March 15th for $159.

Purchase: $159

Photo: Sonos