Snow Peak and Rumple Reunite for an Upgraded Fire-Resistant Blanket

Since they opened up shop more than 60 years ago, Japanese outdoor outfitter Snow Peak has established itself as one of the best boutique brands on the market for its gear and garments. Similarly elite yet younger in age, Portland, Oregon-based Rumpl has carved out a nice niche for itself by making superb technical blankets based on puffy jackets, which led to a collaboration between the two brands in 2020. To kick off 2022, these two heavy hitters have once again joined forces to release a new fire-retardant blanket that is sure to make an impact on the camping scene.

The NanoLoft Takibi Blanket is an update to the brands’ original NanoLoft blanket that was released two years back. Keeping in line with its predecessor, the new Takibi Blanket allows users to cozy up around a campfire without the risk of catching on fire themselves while they count sheep. While similar in approach and design, the new Takibi Blanket boasts a higher-performing, more sustainable face fabric than the original, leveraging a proprietary blend of natural fire-resistant fibers in mono-acrylic and cotton ripstop.

Rather than relying on chemical coatings to ensure the blanket’s fire-resistant nature, the two brands constructed the Takibi Blanket using fibers that preserve their flame-resistant qualities through regular machine washing. Not only does this lack of chemical coating ensure that the construction of the product is more sustainable, but it also ensures that harmful chemicals don’t leach into your water supply every time someone washes the blanket. Aside from the innovative fibers used to make the blanket itself, each blanket features Rumpl’s proprietary 100% post-consumer recycled NanoLoft insulation filling and iconic puffy jacket design.

Moreover, the updated Takibi Blanket also features a new tan “Amenity Dome” colorway, which is inspired by Snow Peak’s iconic line of tents. As usual, this product is the optimal blend of form and function that we’ve come to expect from both of these stellar outdoor brands. The NanoLoft Takibi Blanket goes on sale February 10 on both brands’ websites for $199.

Purchase: $199

Photo: Snow Peak