Benedict Radcliffe Renders a Full-Scale Porsche 911 RSR In Raw Steel Tubing

Photos: Benedict Radcliffe | Porsche | RIMOWA

Born in 1976 and raised in Kent, Benedict Radcliffe is a London-based multi-disciplinary artist best known for his small and full-scale wireframe-style automotive sculptures. After first debuting a full-scale wireframe interpretation of a Subaru Impreza, Radcliffe followed up this JDM classic up with a slew of tubular takes on various iconic cars including a Jaguar E Type, a Range Rover Evoque, a Ferrari F40, a Lancia Delta and Stratos, and a Lamborghini LM002 and Countach. The Mackintosh School of Architecture graduate has also applied his signature style to a handful of Porsche 911 variants with a 1:15 scale 930 Slantnose and a 1:7 scale Kremer-style 935.

After recently completing 1:7, 1:15, and 1:18 sculptures of Porsche’s 934, Radcliffe was tapped by Porsche and RIMOWA to create a full-scale sculpture of this vintage RSR-spec 911 to celebrate the two prestigious German brands’ recent collaboration. As such, this tubular recreation of a 1977 911 RSR 3.0 carries one of the limited-edition Porsche x RIMOWA Hand-Carry Case Pepita suitcases, with the item suspended from thin-gauge wire and located where the 911 variant’s front trunk is normally found. Working in full 1:1 scale also allowed Radcliffe to bestow the Porsche with more detail than usual, with the project seeing him render the 934’s door handles, headlights, spoiler, mirrors, and flared wheel arches in the same gauge of stainless steel used for the car’s body.

In place of the car’s regular rear side windows, Radcliffe has also recreated RIMOWA’s logo in laser-cut stainless steel sheeting, with the same technique also used to produce the Porsche logos found on the hood and just behind the front wheels, the “RIMOWA” script running across the bottom of the doors, and the artist’s last name emblazoned across the rear bumper — a signature touch present on most of Radcliffe’s automotive sculptures. And, unlike the bulk of Radcliffe’s automotive sculptures which are adorned in bright neon colors, the artist opted to leave the raw finish of the 934’s stainless steel tubing on full display — presumably a nod to the bare metal finish found on RIMOWA’s aluminum hard luggage. Rendered in CAD before being brought to life in stainless steel, this lifesize sculpture also sits on a set of original Porsche 934 wheels shod in Avon racing slicks.

More images of this project can be viewed on Benedict Radcliffe’s Instagram page or website, where the artist also displays a plethora of other projects and sculptures that he’s completed over his career.

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Photo: Benedict Radcliffe | Porsche | RIMOWA
Photo: Benedict Radcliffe | Porsche | RIMOWA
Photo: Benedict Radcliffe | Porsche | RIMOWA