Rimowa Revs Up a Collaborative Aluminum Carry Case with Porsche

German engineering gets its fair share of love in this space. From the sprawling automotive world to smaller techwear circles, countless brands based throughout Deutschland are adept at crafting the best product possible, and Rimowa is one of the most distinguished. Adding to its reputation, the revered aluminum suitcase maker is partnering with none other than Porsche to channel a significant element of German design, crafting a carry case embellished with the marque’s unmistakable emblem.

This unique joint effort is delivered in as luxurious a manner as anyone could expect from the luxury labels. The Hand-Carry Case Pepita is crafted from Rimowa’s signature grooved aluminum and dressed with high-gloss details, paying homage to the mirror finishing of a first-generation 911, as well black leather straps channeling authentic hood straps. There’s also an authentic Porsche crest adorning the case’s front.

Moving on to the case’s roomy interior, it features a zipped U-pocket and convenient X-strap, the latter of which mirrors a seatbelt, fully driving this entire joint effort home with every detail. Then, it is classed up even more with Houndstooth Pepita fabric and black leather accents. It even comes equipped with a yellow instructional label, akin to the one found in a 911’s trunk.

If you’re familiar with Rimowa, you likely know about its fun-loving sticker sets, and they’ve wheeled out a new one for this capsule, too. Sold separately, the sticker set retails for €30 (~$33). Limited to appropriate 911 pieces in total, the Rimowa x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita will be available for €2,250 (~$2,469). Both will be available in select Rimowa stores worldwide and on the brand’s website beginning April 21st.

Purchase: $2,250

Photo: Rimowa