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Rapha Teamed Up with Rocket Espresso to Make an Exclusive Espresso Machine

Cyclists’ allegiance with caffeine is heavily noted, and in case you weren’t aware, they will certainly let you know about it. With cafe culture exerting itself as a key element of their way of life, it’s only right to fuse the two worlds once and for all. With that in mind, cycling-enthusiast brand Rapha is straying away from the outdoors, collaborating with Rocket Espresso in efforts to let bikers cozy up in their own kitchen with the Rapha x Rocket Espresso R58 Espresso Machine.

Seeing as Rapha’s worldwide clubhouses fittingly feature a signature café of their own, it only seems right to deliver that experience to the avid cycler’s home. In addition to that, Rocket Espresso is a Milan-based crew of craftsmen that know what they’re doing as well as anyone. Moreover, these machines were each handmade in the latter’s stomping grounds and get the most out of your beans of choice, equipped with a pair of independently operated, PID-controlled boilers and a rotary pump that can draw from its internal reservoir or a separate water supply. Most impressively, it is neighbored by a touchscreen display that makes for a swift process upon brewing your morning cup of joe.

Exclusively available for members of the Rapha Cycling Club, this sleek new piece of kitchenware can’t be purchased by simply anyone, and it’s safe to say that members may even have a tough time. Limited to a mere 100 pieces worldwide, the Rapha x Rocket Espresso R58 Espresso Machine’s listing of £2,735 converts to ~$3,640.

Purchase: $3,640

Photo: Rapha Cycle Club
Photo: Rapha Cycle Club