Ram Teases Its Entrant in the Forthcoming Electric Pickup Truck Wars

Photo: Ram

It’s safe to say that the electrification of the automotive industry is switching into high gear. Automakers throughout the industry have almost unanimously agreed that the future of the market is electric. With this paradigm shift, we are seeing a tsunami of innovation in drivetrains and technology that future production vehicles will feature. Among the most popular electric vehicles are pickup trucks, which are eliminating one of their biggest flaws: fuel economy. Ram is the latest automotive giant to throw its hat into the ring of companies bolstering their electric pickup lineups with the recent teasing of its electrified Ram 1500, which looks like it may be called Ram Revolution.

Rather than just keeping the development of their electric pickup trucks secret like most automakers, Ram went against the grain and launched Ram Revolution, a hub where customers can get an inside look at the development of 1500’s battery electric vehicle (BEV) that’s set to release in 2024. This hub also allows customers to provide input on the development process as it happens, which is a unique way to engage customers as the company develops its portfolio of electric vehicles.

Aside from wanting to engage with customers in a more hands-on manner, Ram also aims to revolutionize the future of the pickup market with its 1500 BEV. While it has yet to release any information on the BEV’s performance specs or even concept art, Ram released a teaser of the truck’s silhouette and a rendering of an EV drivetrain. The company also announced the Ram Real Talk Tour as a part of its “Built to Serve” philosophy, which circles around talking to real truck owners to address their real-world needs.

On top of the company’s Real Ram Talk campaign, Ram also released a new video manifesto titled “Spark” which reinforces Ram’s commitment to making the best truck on the market. Ram plans on releasing the 1500 BEV in 2024, where it will undoubtedly compete for your hard-earned dollars against the likes of the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevy’s Silverado EV.

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Photo: Ram