Radinn’s X-Sport Jetboard Boasts an Impressively Improved Battery Life

Sweden is home to many things, some of which include a wide variety of quaint museums, eclectic architecture, and unique cuisine. While these are all very noteworthy aspects, Radinn is a Malmö-based company taking things to new extremes. Having introduced a pair of impressive jetboards in the past, the brand’s new X-Sport looks to be its latest, greatest, and, most of all, sportiest.

As a result of the X-Sport’s lightweight fiberglass reinforcement and ASA polymer outskin, it is incredibly resilient and serves as Radinn’s most durable model yet. Measuring in at about 6’2” and weighing a sliver over 100 pounds, the technology that powers the sleek jetboard almost has no excuse to boast such reasonable measurements. While its portability is impressive, the specs behind Radinn’s latest are even more to write home about. Powered by the brand’s Jetpack G3 motor, The X-Sport’s stock option can go up to 27mph, while its boosted version has a whopping max speed of just over 34.5mph. Plus, thanks to improved battery life that lasts up to an entire half-hour with its stock package, the fun doesn’t have to end nearly as soon as you’d anticipate.

Available to purchase through Radinn in your choice of a standard or pro option, the futuristic manufacturers are allowing you to dictate your own adventure in every way imaginable. Starting from $9,345 for the standard range X-Sport, whichever package you select looks to be a speedy one, regardless.

Purchase: $9,345+

Photo: Radinn

Photo: Radinn