Powers Is Releasing the First-Ever Irish Whiskey Made of 100% Rye

Photo: Powers Whiskey

Irish whiskey has a reputation for being anti-change and anti-innovation. This likely stems from the industry’s protest of the column still in the 19th century, which made its way to Scotland instead, thus catalyzing the near-destruction of the Irish whiskey industry in its entirety. Of course, the whiskey world — Ireland included — has always been quite open to experimentation. If it hadn’t been, we would never have charred barrels to make bourbon or burned peat moss in a kiln to get smoky Scotch.

As it turns out, Ireland had its fair share of experimenters too. With a history that dates back to 1791, Powers Whiskey was the first to bottle its own product in the 1800s, the first to do urban farming on its rooftop, and was among the first advocates of blended whiskey in the mid-20th century. And while Irish whiskey is traditionally made mostly from barley grain, the history of Powers also consists of testing out rye in its mashbills as early as the 19th century. Now, the fan-favorite distillery is unveiling the first-ever Irish whiskey made from a mashbill of 100% rye.

After conducting countless trials at the Midleton Distillery, Powers’ Irish Rye was born, aged in American oak barrels and bottled at 43.2% ABV. It will feature the traditional rye spice profile, with notes of candied ginger, orange peel, cloves, peppermint, brown sugar, and vanilla on the palate.

Available starting February 20, Powers Irish Rye has an expected price tag of $32 a bottle.