Porsche Reveals Plans To Deliver High-Performance All-Electric K1 SUV In 2027

Porsche Next Generation Electric Vehicle Models Teaser 0 Hero
Photo: Porsche AG

Though Porsche undeniably built its world-class reputation on the strength of its iconic sports cars, the Stuttgart firm took things in a new direction in 2002 with the debut of the Cayenne SUV. Bestowing the sport utility vehicle class with the elite automaker’s signature levels of performance and luxury, Porsche’s SUV and crossover models now represent its best-selling offerings. This has unsurprisingly prompted Porsche to further invest in the future of the Cayenne, Macan, and their siblings, with the company now announcing plans to roll out an all-new all-electric SUV in the next few years. 

Developed under the codename “K1,” Porsche’s upcoming all-electric SUV will reportedly be of the high-performance crossover variety, with the new car sporting a driving experience that’s closer to that of your average sports car than sport utility vehicle. Rumored to start at over $180,000, the K1 will be slotted above the Cayenne and will boast what Porsche describes as the latest and most advanced synchronous electric motor, high-performance battery, and rapid-charging technology, as well as cutting-edge automated driving. Like the Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX, or Ferrari Purosangue, the K1 will be a raised coupé-style crossover with track-ready performance and a wildly luxurious interior — the latter of which Porsche says will provide occupants with “a completely new experience.”

Slated to represent Porsche’s seventh all-electric model, this seven-seat, four-wheel-drive flagship crossover will also presumably feature an ultra-sleek design language and a thoroughly aggressive appearance that matches the vehicle’s aggressive performance characteristics. As such, what the 911 was to the Cayenne, we expect the Taycan to be for the K1. Announced at Porsche’s recent annual general meeting, the K1 will also be built atop Porsche’s all-new SSP Sport platform. What’s more, the K1 project will also come on the heels of other forthcoming Porsche EVs including an all-electric Macan, fully-electric Boxster and Cayman models, and a battery-powered Cayenne — vehicles that are scheduled to hit the market in 2024, 2025, and 2026, respectively. A component of the firm’s larger Road to 20 program, these efforts collectively play into Porsche’s goal of having all-electric models comprise more than 80% of its new vehicle sales by 2030. 

While no specifics have been given on the K1’s specs, pricing, release date, or availability, Porsche has revealed that its forthcoming 7-seat SUV is slated to hit the market in 2027.