Nardone Automotive’s Porsche 928 Restomods Are Drop Dead Gorgeous

Photos: Nardone Automotive | Degler Studio

First debuting in 1978, the 928 has long been something of an oddball Porsche, with a front-mounted V8 engine and untraditional styling. However, as models like the 928 and 944 have recently grown in popularity, lifelong auto enthusiast Thierry Nardone has now opted to deliver a modern, restomodded interpretation of the V8-engined Porsche with what’s been dubbed the Nardone Automotive 928.

Nardone has started by treating the donor car to a bespoke set of composite bodywork with flared fenders and custom LED lighting fore and aft. Under the hood, Nardone’s 928 still packs a naturally-aspirated V8 engine, though the 5.4-liter mill has been gifted a new ECU that allows it to put down around 400hp. The car’s original five-speed transmission has also been jettisoned in favor of a new manual six-speed gearbox that’s been paired with a limited-slip differential. Nardone has also bestowed the Porsche with adaptive electric power steering and an up-spec’d braking package.

After being revised and reinforced, the 928’s chassis has received redesigned front and rear axles and spindles, and an active-controlled electronic suspension. Nardone’s 928 also rides on a side of forged 18” wheels that are a modern take on the original 16” “manhole” wheels that came on the stock model. Now trimmed in Foglizzo leather and Alcantara, the interior of the 928 has also been treated to a major refresh, now sporting bespoke seats, a custom shift knob, a carbon fiber trim package, a custom vintage-inspired digital instrumentation setup, a HiFi stereo with Apple CarPlay connectivity thanks to the inclusion of the Porsche Classic Management system.

After being unveiled during Milan Design Week, Nardone Automotive’s Porsche 928 Restomod will make its public debut at the upcoming Goodwood Festival Of Speed. The first deliveries of the restomodded 928 are expected to begin in 2024.

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Photo: Nardone Automotive | Degler Studio
Photo: Nardone Automotive | Degler Studio
Photo: Nardone Automotive | Degler Studio