Polaroid’s Range of Speakers Is a Colorful New Venture for the Camera Brand

You’re most likely familiar with Polaroid’s nostalgia-inducing line of instant cameras, so its latest range of gadgets might throw you off a bit. As the American brand dips its toes in the world of audio products, it has unveiled a colorful range of quality speakers.

The new collection of music players features four varying options: the ultra-portable P1 and P2, the bolstered P3, and the powerful P4. As you may have guessed, each option is available in several eye-popping colors, including yellow, blue, red, and more. Outside of looks, we’ll start with the P1 and P2, which boast 10 and 15 hours of playback time, respectively. For added convenience, they are each equipped with a carabiner clip so you can take it on the go.

Next in line is the P3, which features a boombox-adjacent design thanks to its polished metal handle and what the long-time camera maker touts as “retro-futuristic vibes.” It even comes with a functional analog dial that lets you switch stations upon selecting your favorite channels on Polaroid’s music app. Lastly, the P4 features a similar handle but a rounder design, resulting in a sleek look that becomes the life of the party thanks to its enhanced sound and inviting design language.

Additionally, each speaker seamlessly connects with another player of the same type to pave the way for stereo sound. Polaroid’s colorful line of speakers is available on its webshop starting from €60 (~$59) for the P1.

Purchase: $59+

Photo: Polaroid