Perception Hi Life SUP Kayak

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes our desire to get out of the house, head down to the beach, and get in the water. And while there are a number of ways to make the best of the situation, two of our favorites are aboard a kayak or a stand-up paddle board. Unfortunately, while they both have their benefits and drawbacks, we usually have to pick between one or the other. Not anymore, thanks to Perception Kayaks’ Hi Life.

This clever 11-foot kayak-SUP combo board takes everything that’s great about both of its design influences and leaves out everything that’s not. It’s perfectly functional as a SUP if you want to stand up and paddle around. But it also has an integrated fold-down seat if you want to sit down and row for a while. And it doesn’t stop there – beneath the seat there’s even storage for a cooler, extra space on the back for more gear, and an integrated cupholder just in case you want a frosty brew while you tool around your favorite body of water. You can buy this summertime watercraft for just $799.

Purchase: $799