Peloton’s Guide System Is Like a Personal Trainer in Your Living Room

Whether you were on the fence about dropping some serious cash to buy a home gym or you were just getting sick and tired of going to the gym, work from home culture and quarantine lifestyle led droves of people into the arms of premium home workout subscriptions. The true standout in the home fitness space, of course, is Peloton. And while the New York-based fitness giant is best known for their outstanding stationary bikes, the brand’s equipment-free strength training, yoga, and cardio classes have also garnered a lot of popularity. Now, Peloton seeks to bolster their off-bike offerings even more with the announcement of the Peloton Guide.

The Peloton Guide is a strength training system that connects to your television and uses innovative camera technology which enables you to follow along on-screen and track your movements. It solves one of the biggest woes that people who work out from home have: technique guidance. While working out from home is easily the most convenient fitness option for anyone, the lack of personal trainers to guide your technique and ensure that you are executing the exercises correctly can be a detriment. Unless you live in a funhouse, there really isn’t much of a way to watch yourself work out in real-time to correct your form. Thankfully, the Guide solves that issue. It features a “Self Mode” where you follow yourself along next to instructors as you’re guided through the class. From there, you can simply match the instructor as you workout to maximize your effort and class. Moreover, the Guide has a Body Activity feature that shows you which muscle groups you’ve already targeted during the week and curates personalized class recommendations to help you get a true full-body workout.

By watching your form and matching it to a trained professional, you not only get the most out of your fitness class, but you also significantly decrease the likelihood of muscle imbalances and injuries. The Peloton Guide comes out in early 2022 and will retail for $495 with a $12.99/month Peloton Guide Membership.

Purchase: $495

Photo: Peloton
Photo: Peloton