Panasonic’s Lumix GH6 Camera Offers Professional-Caliber Video Capabilities

The camera space is a battleground of innovation. It’s a hyper-competitive market filled to the brim with heavy-hitters that consistently offer new, innovative products that push the boundaries and capabilities of cameras. One of the standout brands is Panasonic, a titanous Japanese company that has been a trailblazer in the space for over 100 years. Its G series cameras offer stalwart performance and a host of professional-caliber features, and now, the company is upgrading its flagship’s hardware and specs in a serious way.

Panasonic’s Lumix GH6 is a mirrorless camera with formidable video capabilities. This high-performing beauty is built around a 25.2MP live MOS sensor that comes without a low-pass filter, thus limiting the problem of rolling shutter while providing a high dynamic range. Augmenting this larger sensor is Panasonic’s ultra-powerful Venus Engine which doubles the processing power of the camera and increases its resolution as well as the speed of the sensor’s pixel count. Essentially, the combined might of the sensor and Venus Engine allows for crisper, ultra-clear images while shooting.

While the Lumix GH6 is a standout photographic camera, it truly shines when used as a video camera. The camera’s behemoth power enables it to record video at 4:2:0 10-bit 4K120p and 4:2:2 10bit FHD 240p. For those who really want to throttle the Lumix GH6’s capabilities, the camera can record at 300fps, which gives users the ability to produce clear, super slow-motion video. If that isn’t enough, the GH6 also comes with an XLR microphone, an XLR microphone adaptor, and a built-in microphone to give users the option of recording crystal-clear 48/96kHz 24-bit high-res audio.

These herculean specs prove that the Lumix GH6 is no novice camera, however, inexperienced photographers and videographers will still be more than pleased by its interface and usability. Panasonic’s Lumix GH6 mirrorless camera is available for preorder starting at $2,198.

Purchase: $2,198+

Photo: Panasonic