OtterBox’s MagSafe Power Bank Can Charge from Both Sides

In the age of smartphones, there are a near-infinite amount of accessories to augment your phone, and that goes double for iPhones. While there are too many brands in this space to count, there are a few that, no matter how many new devices are released, will always stand out as elite and trustworthy. One such brand is OtterBox, which has become the gold standard for iPhone cases due to its ultra-durable constructions. The Colorado standout has now released a new power bank that combines its world-famous toughness with the advanced charging capabilities of Apple’s MagSafe tech.

The OtterBox wireless power bank for MagSafe is the world’s first two-sided MagSafe battery. This innovation allows the MagSafe power bank to charge itself and your iPhone without any wires. For context, MagSafe is a proprietary wireless charging transfer for iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 that connects via magnetism, allowing for more stable wireless charging. Apple also makes its own MagSafe power banks that attach to your compatible iPhones for on-the-go charging. While MagSafe batteries are indubitably a convenient breakthrough, the one problem that users had with them was that the batteries themselves could only be charged with wires.

OtterBox’s Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe solves that problem by incorporating MagSafe compatibility on both sides so that both the power bank and your iPhone can charge sans wires, even on a MagSafe charging pad. The new power bank from OtterBox comes in two capacities: a 3000mAh option and a 5000mAh option. Both batteries feature dual-direction USB-C ports, 7.5W wireless charging speeds, and LED power indicators that display the charge status and your iPhone’s battery life.

The new Power Bank for MagSafe comes in Black or Brilliant white, and it can charge any MagSafe-compatible device. Both of these useful tools are available for retail on OtterBox’s site, starting at $50.

Purchase: $50+