Oak & Eden’s Whiskey Customizer Lets You Personalize Your Own Bottle

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We’re sure by now you’ve noticed the uptick in cask-finished whiskeys over the past few years. What was initially viewed as a fleeting trend has since proven time and time again to have value in an industry that’s at its best when balancing tradition and innovation. 

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One such brand has taken the finishing process even further by letting the consumer tailor your own bottle of whiskey right from your home bar. Five years in the making, Oak & Eden’s Whiskey Customizer is the first of its kind. You simply select either a 90- or 114-proof option of your base whiskey: straight bourbon, four-grain bourbon, wheated bourbon, or rye whiskey. After that, you choose a wooden spire made from either American or French oak, which can be infused with one of eleven different ingredients, ranging from vanilla to coffee to orange liqueur to port wine. Other options will be added in time as well. The recommended finishing period is six weeks in-bottle.

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While you may be hesitant to alter a bottle of whiskey you’ve bought from the liquor store, these four base whiskeys from Oak & Eden have been specifically optimized for such a task. The company also has several pre-made selections if you’re having a difficult time deciding.

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An excellent way to personalize your drinking experience, the Oak & Eden Whiskey Customizer starts at $59 for 90-proof or $74 for 114-proof, with the infusion option added for an additional $5.