Hands-On: Keeping Time With NOMOS’s Limited-Edition Ludwig 41 Datum

Jul 29, 2020

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Throughout the history of watchmaking, there have been companies that transcend the boundaries of conventional timekeeping. Whether that be through their unique construction and design principles, their innovative movements, and architectures, or their commitment to the stylish (but functional) preservation of horological tradition, the world’s foremost manufacturers have paved the way for their lesser-known counterparts. That being said, we feel that the genre should honor these groundbreaking upstarts whenever an anniversary takes place. That includes, of course, NOMOS Glashütte — the living, breathing epitome of iconic, wrist-worn style — and its homage to 175 years of watchmaking in the village of Glashütte, known as the “Ludwig 175 Years Watchmaking” capsule.

The History

How The Ludwig Came To Be

Since its conception in 1990, NOMOS Glashütte has gifted the horological world with unparalleled, hand-built wristwear. It was during this stint that the company’s most classically-inclined timepiece, the Ludwig, was born. Basking in its refined, minimalistic enclosure, the watch would make its mark on the world, thanks, in large part, to its distinct Roman numerology, thin design, and sleek, legible indices. Eventually, the example would become synonymous with the brand’s renowned persona, and over the next 175 years, it would become a mainstay within NOMOS’s venerable catalog. Fast forward to 2020. The wristwear manufacturer is slated to celebrate almost 30 years of livelihood within the space, and as such, it has announced three unique iterations of the Ludwig, each of which adjusted according to chronometer standards.

The Collection

A Testament To Precision Timekeeping

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a chance to check out the NOMOS Glashütte Ludwig ‘175’ collection, prior to its release. The similarities between the three watches are certainly noticeable. Each of the limited-edition models boasts its own polished, enamel-white dial, giving it a nostalgic persona reminiscent of the genre’s early pocket watches. At face value, each example presents itself nicely — professionally, even — due to the inclusion of tempered blue screws, ribbed polishing, and the company’s lauded swing system, which is readily visible through the neomatik 39 and neomatik 41 date’s sapphire crystal glass window. Within, an array of the brand’s finest calibers have been utilized, including an automatic DUW 3001 (for the Ludwig neomatik 39), and DUW 6101 (for the Ludwig neomatik 41 date). According to the brand, only a handful of the world’s watchmakers are able to produce the complex escapements housed within. The third example — NOMOS’s Ludwig 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte — pays homage to the company’s original timekeeping devices through the preservation of its hand-wound Alpha caliber.

The Aesthetic

A True Gentleman's Watch

As we shift our attention to the watch’s exterior, we can see why NOMOS is renowned for its articulate detailing. A series of precise, rounded hands make their way around the dial of each example, mingling with its tempered blues, subtle hues, and subdued date window. An inscription reading “175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte” adorns the limited-edition Ludwig’s crystal glass back, demarcating its inclusion into the time-sworn collection. The leather strap, which has been paired with each accessory, is undeniably tasteful, offering wearers a comfortable but classy band that will garner a unique patina over time. When it comes to classic design, NOMOS is second to none, and it shows within the collection’s articulate centerpiece, the Ludwig neomatik 41 date. The German outfit has outdone themselves, and we aren’t complaining.

The Right Time

How To Get One For Yourself

If you’d like to acquire one of these legendary wristwatches, head to NOMOS Glashütte’s website — or any of their authorized distributors, including Tourneau, London Jewelers, and Little Treasury — where you’ll be able to partake in the collection for $2,260 and up. Act fast, however — only 175 examples of each (the $2,260 Ludwig 175 Years Watchmaking, $3,800 Ludwig neomatik 39 175 Years Watchmaking, and $4,200 Ludwig neomatik 41 date 175 Years Watchmaking) are slated for release.

Purchase: $2,260+

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