Nokia Released a Modern Version of Their “Unbreakable” Cell Phone

To say they don’t make phones like they used to would be the understatement of this very young century. Cell phones have arguably seen more development and innovation than any other device in the tech space. Once a plastic brick that could do little more than call, text, or play Snake, the devices have evolved to become tiny computers with high-definition cameras that are an essential part of our everyday lives. The ever-evolving and ravenously competitive smartphone industry leaves little room for sentimentality, but that didn’t stop Nokia from relaunching their iconic 6310.

It went by many names back in the day, but by far its most common nickname was the “brick phone” as it was nigh impossible to destroy the thing and it held a near-infinite charge. It also had had a rather, well, brick-like silhouette. While it wasn’t hailed for its aesthetics back in 2001 when it was announced, the Nokia 6310 quickly made a name for itself as the most durable phone on the market. Nokia 6310 users throughout the country would test the phone’s toughness in a variety of draconian ways only to find the device in perfect working condition. The phone was discontinued in 2005 by its maker and lived on in near-urban legend as the unbreakable ancestor to its newer, more sophisticated, and more aesthetically pleasing counterparts. Some 15 years later, Nokia is relaunching the 6310 with some new improvements, while also retaining some classic features. The new 6310 has a larger, curved 2.8″ screen, 16GB of RAM, MicroSD support for up to 32 GB of storage (in case the 8 MB of internal storage isn’t enough), Bluetooth accessibility, and a 0.3 MP camera with flash. The new 6310 is also made with a strong, polycarbonate shell to retain its legendary durability.

Not ones to skimp on nostalgia, Nokia brought back the 6310’s classic silhouette, its FM radio, stellar removable battery, and, of course, Snake. The new 6310 comes in three colors: dark green, black, and yellow. It’s available for purchase from Nokia in the UK for £60 (~ $82), but the brand has yet to announce if this blast from the past will make it to U.S. shores.

Purchase: $82