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Nissan Is Bringing Back the Legendary R32 Skyline as a Fully-Electric Restomod

Nissan GTR R32EV Teaser 0 Hero
Photo: Nissan

In late 2021,  Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida announced that the Japanese brand was developing a new version of the GT-R that would be gaining a hybrid or fully electric powertrain. And while details are still extremely scant, the Kanagawa carmaker has now revealed the first glimpse of what has been dubbed the Nissan GT-R R32EV — a modernized take on the late ‘80s generation BNR32 that retains its iconic bodywork while gaining a contemporary EV powertrain. 

Thus far existing merely as a prototype, the GT-R R32EV project was conjured up by a lone engineer at Nissan who was interested in bestowing his favorite car with today’s latest and greatest running gear and a state-of-the-art electric powertrain. Alongside a modern, performance-focused fully electric powertrain replacing the car’s factory RB26DETT inline six, we anticipate the R32EV will also feature a contemporary suspension setup, all-wheel-drive, modern braking hardware, and all LED lighting. 

Prior to today’s teaser reveal, we were expecting the hybrid or all-electric GT-R to be based on the contemporary model, though considering the influx in popularity that the already legendary R32 has experienced in recent years – not to mention the car’s steadily increasing value — and it’s not hard to see why Nissan opted to revive the BNR32 platform. And, should this prototype eventually see production, we imagine it will be produced in very limited numbers. 

Nissan has created a dedicated mini website for the forthcoming GT-R R32EV, where additional information and updates are expected to be posted over the next year or so.