Tom Sachs’ NikeCraft Shoes Take Bits and Pieces from Classic Nike Designs

It’s nearly impossible to find a shoe that will meet everybody’s needs — however, if one brand would manage to pull this off, it would probably be Nike, right? The latest joint effort between the performance brand and world-famous artist Tom Sachs looks to do just this, with the sculptor’s unique NikeCraft sneakers sublimely bridging the gap between athletic apparel and casual attire.

The NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe is self-proclaimed to be “an understated do-everything shoe created to work with every possible scenario,” and it’s hard to deny that when accounting for each element of its well-designed makeup. The sneaker consists of a sturdy, breathable upper that resembles Nike’s classic Killshot tennis shoe and a three-piece molded cup sole composed of an EVA foam core, rubber midsole, and a rubber outsole, the latter of which mirrors Nike’s iconic Waffle design. The shoe is then rounded out with a microfiber collar and signature donning straps for comfort and convenience.

The contemporary artist and activewear label are no strangers to one another, as NikeCraft has served as their collaborative brainchild dating back to 2012. Moreover, the innovative partnership has resulted in various offerings along the way, including another pair of shoes, and the GPS serves as a grand homage to a decade of working together. If this is what comes to shape in commemoration of 10 years, then we can only imagine what the two names have in mind for year 20.

This new release is ideal for sneakerheads, art fanatics, or those who just want a comfortable pair of shoes. The NikeCraft GPS is set to release on June 10 for $110.

Purchase: $110