Nike’s New Pegasus Proves Performance & Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

As one of the leaders in garment innovation, Nike’s strive for sustainability is one of many notable elements of the world-famous brand. With the unveiling of its new Pegasus Turbo Next Nature, it’s clear that Nike is looking to keep things as green as ever while still crafting a top-shelf piece of performance gear.

Upon crafting this new shoe, Nike garnered insights from runners to see what the perfect training shoe would consist of. After learning of a desire for more foam cushioning from respondents, the brand crafted a plush midsole that also manages to be eco-cognizant thanks to its makeup of over 55% recycled ZoomX foam scraps. The sustainable sole proves that there is no reduction in performance while using entirely planet-friendly materials, and serves as a signal toward Nike’s future products in the space.

As far as the shoes’ total makeup is concerned, they are composed of over 50% recycled materials overall, offering sustainably-sourced security via 100% recycled, solution-dyed Flyknit yarns in the upper. In fact, the latter’s dying process preserves up to 70 liters of water for every kilogram produced, providing a solid insight into just how much of a positive impact these types of projects can make moving forward.

When it comes to pushing the limits of performance and sustainability, there are few better brands to trust than Nike, and these trainers have us looking forward to seeing just how green the Swoosh can get with future releases. While there’s no formal release date or pricing information available quite yet for the Pegasus Turbo Next Nature, you can expect the shoe to hit the scene at some point in Q2 of this year.

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