Nike’s Sprawling Move to Zero Capsule Aims to Sustainably Re-Invent Classics

With sustainability becoming an element and goal of countless clothing manufacturers like Canada Goose and Moncler, it’s worth shedding some additional light on names that have sought a way to showcase their eco-cognizance for years. In efforts to shed greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping half a million tons and make the most of recycled materials, Nike has unveiled its sweeping seasonal collection across six of its lines, which the Oregon brand has labeled “Move to Zero.”

The Beaverton-bred brand‘s latest announcement pertains to six separate capsules, making for two distinct trios falling in line with some of its most emblematic clothing and footwear offerings, respectively. Starting with the clothing collection, which features Nike Pro, Sportswear, and Tech Pack, at least 50 percent of each of these three labels’ garments are now being composed of recycled materials. Standouts from these include the Sportswear line’s iconic Windrunner jacket, now made of at least 75 percent recycled TPU, as well as the Tech Pack’s insulated vest, which implements Thermore EcoDown Marble insulation made entirely of recycled polyester fibers.

When it comes to Nike, you’ve got to mention the kicks, which is where the other half of Move to Zero comes to play. Shining a light on eco-cognizance through its new, pastel-tinted Nike Sun Club, the international clothier is also doing so with some of its most classic pairs in the Air Max collection’s integral trio. From this point forward, the iconic Air Max 90, 95, and 97 will each feature uppers composed of fully recycled polyester and at least 25 percent recycled synthetic leather, which is bound to have an impact when accounting for just how many people buy these around the world.

Whether you’re fond of the classics or looking to add some colorful flair to your springtime attire, Nike’s got you covered here. Take a deeper look at the athletic wear giant’s Move to Zero collection on its website, and keep an eye out for any pieces that may be dropping sooner than you think.

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