NERF LMTD’s 1:1 Scale Gjallarhorn Blaster from Destiny Is Over 4-Feet Long

Destiny players are well aware of the almighty Gjallarhorn, and now they’ll be able to give it a whirl in real life. NERF’s pop-culture-inspired LMTD line has taken inspiration from in-game weapons before, and it’s just unveiled a 1:1 scale take on the exotic rocket launcher from Bungie’s world-famous first-person shooter.

The gargantuan dart-firing blaster features meticulous details inspired by the game and measures over 4′ long. As a matter of fact, the Gjallarhorn Blaster is so big that it comes equipped with the very first set of NERF Mega dart shells, which are capable of holding up to three darts at a time and firing them simultaneously.

This new configuration of dart shells gives the illusion that you’re shooting Wolfpack Rounds, which is the weapon’s most prominent in-game perk. By implementing elements like these, NERF LMTD managed to check all of the boxes in the authenticity department, ultimately capturing every detail of the coveted, armor-crafted weapon.

Fans of the game should keep in mind that this new blaster won’t be the easiest to acquire. While preorders will begin on July 7, in-game owners of the launcher will get access first. If there are any blasters left afterward, they will be available to everyone starting July 21 for $185 through Bungie’s webshop.

Purchase: $185