Atari Just Unveiled New Gamestation Plus Home Console

Photo: MyArcade | Atari

On the short list of companies that the retro gaming community can fully appreciate, MyArcade undoubtedly sits at the top. Working alongside Atari, the gadgeteers have churned out a collaborative console lineup, highlighted by the brand-new Gamestation Plus.

While anything with the ’70s-era company’s name attached to it typically implies a somewhat clunky, primitive look, the new release deviates itself a bit, boasting a refined, modern edge to it that retains some nostalgic appeal. It is equipped with a pair of RGB-lit, battery-powered joysticks that are also USB-C and Bluetooth compatible, going to show how far the gaming world has truly come. The console’s front panel is rounded out with RGB lighting and aeration holes.

Photo: Atari

Functionally, the Gamestation offers a user-friendly interface and is expected to have a bevy of pre-installed games. However, MyArcade has yet to provide additional information regarding any specific titles. Additionally, products outside of the Gamestation include Atari-inspired takes on MyArcade’s Pocket Player and Microplayer, the latter of which is ideal for handheld enthusiasts. It boasts an all-red D-pad, stripes galore, and merely two buttons, but there is still little information regarding which games it will have built-in.

MyArcade’s nostalgia-inducing collaboration with Atari will soon be available to pre-order from the former’s webshop. No pricing details have been disclosed yet.