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Winnebago Joins the Electrified Fray with Its e-RV Concept Camper Van

Photo: Winnebago Industries

The wave of fully-electric vehicles grows by the day. While the electrification of automobiles has already seen wide adoption from manufacturers, the recreational vehicle space is now following suit, with companies throughout the industry pouring their resources into creating sustainable camper vans and trailers. This new paradigm shift coincides with the well-documented surge in popularity of motorhomes, RVs, and campers, which is fueling companies’ abilities to make electric offerings. One such company that is already making waves in this space is RV titan Winnebago, which just revealed its first electric RV concept.

Aptly named the e-RV, Winnebago’s concept is a product from its Advanced Technology Group, which sought to create a “fully functional, all-electric concept vehicle that redefines efficiency, comfort, and functionality for an RV.” In this case, Winnebago chose to up the sustainability ante by creating an RV that not only operates electrically but also features sustainable and innovative materials in its construction. What resulted is a next-generation RV that aligns with contemporary sensibilities for those who yearn to protect the world’s natural beauty as they experience it.

The e-RV is built on the chassis of a Ford Transit and features an advanced drivetrain and battery package that allows its users to operate sustainably without conceding the comfort or amenities associated with typical Winnebagos. Its in-vehicle appliances leverage 350 Volt DC power for the water heater and roof-mounted air conditioner/heat pump, while an induction cooktop and refrigerator can run on either 110 Volt AC or 12 Volt DC. Furthermore, the e-RV’s new battery system can be charged at a variety of locations and can even reach a full charge in just 45 minutes at fast-charging stations.

Even better, Winnebago plans on making the e-RV smart-enabled, empowering owners to control the RV’s control systems through a tablet or smartphone via its app. Other planned amenities are modern matte black fixtures and sustainably made flooring and wall appliques that are respectively made of recycled cork-rubber and wool. To learn more about the e-RV concept, head on over to Winnebago’s website.

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Photo: Winnebago Industries
Photo: Winnebago Industries