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Volvo Is Set to Debut Its All-Electric EX90 SUV with State-of-the-Art Safety Sensors

Photo: Volvo Recharge Concept

Last year, Volvo unveiled its futuristic Recharge concept, and it’s looking to take things one step further with an upcoming reveal. On November 9, the automaker will debut the long-awaited, all-electric follow-up to its flagship XC90, the EX90.

This forthcoming model unapologetically puts safety at the forefront. It will boast an innovative array of ultra-sonic sensors and radars powered by state-of-the-art software that combine to create what Volvo labels an “invisible shield of safety.” In an effort to shed the percentage of accidents behind the wheel, Volvo’s premier computing systems will be capable of accounting for the car’s outside environment and the state of the actual driver.

Another unique feature to promote crash avoidance is its new lidar tech that operates at highway speeds throughout the day or night. Moreover, the international marque claims it does not take safety concerns lightly, saying it “is not just another regulation to clear.” All in all, this is a very admirable manufacturing practice, and that is merely the start of what makes the EX90 sound so enticing. Design-wise, videos from Volvo suggest that the new-age van may resemble the aforementioned Recharge, but there is only so much to say on that front.

While similar precautionary features have been shown on other contemporary EVs, it’s great to see Volvo take such a massive step forward. More information about the EX90 is available on the manufacturer’s website before its debut on November 9.

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Photo: Volvo
Photo: Volvo