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Ultimate Toys’ Teardrop Camper Houses Two Kitchens and a Full Bathroom

Getting ready for a weekend trip with a camper hitched to your ride always has the potential of being as much of a burden as it is a good time out on the road, but a well-thought-out trailer will significantly improve your experience. To the outdoorsman’s benefit, Ohio-based RV company Ultimate Toys has developed a compact teardrop camper that they’ve called the Ultimate Camper, and once you see the specs on this thing, you’ll understand why the company chose such a lofty moniker.

Weighing in at under 2,500 pounds, with a frame of 15′ and change, the Ultimate Camper’s lightweight makeup is geared for accessibility across numerous vehicles rather than large SUVs and pickups alone. Mid-size SUVs, crossovers, and even many sedans are all capable of hauling this compact beauty. Handcrafted by Amish artisans, the Ultimate Camper offers as much fashionable appeal as it does a home on two wheels. Its exterior is equipped with the first of its two kitchens and boasts a gas grill, sink, and removable cooler. The full interior kitchen includes a two-burner stove, microwave, refrigerator, and stainless steel sink, while the accompanying dinette space can seat a family of five and converts to a queen-size bed. The compact camper is also outfitted for supreme entertainment, supplying a Bluetooth media center with a pair of TVs, one on the exterior and the other inside. Finally — and perhaps most impressive — is the full interior wet bathroom with a shower, cassette toilet, and custom sink. Such a decked-out interior restroom is nearly unheard of in a trailer of this size; especially one with a teardrop design.

The Ultimate Camper is available in two distinct and attractive styles, the Classic and the Woody, both of which vaunt exquisite design and near trouble-free transportation thanks to their compact size. While pricing information has not yet been released, Ultimate Toys is offering brochures and additional information to those interested in the Ultimate Camper on their website.

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Photo: Ultimate Toys
Photo: Ultimate Toys