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Toyota Teases Its Upcoming Overland-Focused Trailhunter Tacoma

Photos: Toyota

In 2014, Toyota introduced its TRD (Toyota Racing Development) Pro range — the Japanese automaker’s most off-road-capable turnkey takes on the Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner. And after the immense success that the TRD Pro lineup has experienced over the last nine years, Toyota has now announced that it’s working on a new overland-focused range of factory-built trucks and SUVs with the upcoming Trailhunter lineup. 

Photo: Toyota

While the release of the first production Trailhunter model is still presumably several years out, the brand has nonetheless given us our first glimpse of this new family of overland and off-road-spec vehicles with the Tundra-based Trailhunder Concept. Built atop Toyota’s full-size pickup platform, the Trailhunter Concept sports an enormous slew of off-road and overlanding upgrades — all of which will likely be offered as standard amenities or optional add-ons on the new Trailhunter grade trucks. 

Photo: Toyota

While TRD Pro-spec models are engineered with a focus on off-roading capabilities, the Trailhunter range will be designed with more of an emphasis on storage and appointments — while still retaining the TRD Pro’s immense go-anywhere capabilities. On top of a Trailhunter-specific suspension setup, the concept has also been gifted skid plates, a custom roof rack, off-road bumpers, auxiliary LED lighting, an onboard refrigerator, and a rooftop tent, just to name a few. 

Photo: Toyota

While the Toyota Tundra Trailhunder Concept is currently on display at this year’s ongoing SEMA Show, Toyota has stated that it will be revealing more details and info on the forthcoming Trailhunter series sometime next year.