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Toyota’s ‘Tacozilla’ Is a Modern Twist on Their Classic Chinook Camper

Photo: Toyota

A sliver under fifty years ago, Toyota collaborated with a company called Chinook en route to delivering what ultimately turned into one of the more emblematic motorhomes of all time. Decades removed from its conception, Toyota has decided to reimagine the legendary camper for the modern age with the Tacozilla, geared toward any-and-all off-road needs.

The process started off with removing the cargo bed from a Tacoma TRD Sport, while concept artists got to work on the design of the camper. The artist drawings call for a quartet of Cooper Discover tires, entirely rounded edges on the body, as well as what they’re unofficially calling a “reminiscent” color scheme that recalls the ’70s original. As stated, this project is still in the concept stage, with capacity details and other specifications of that nature not being addressed yet. Accounting for the Chinook’s beloved reputation, project manager Marty Schwerter has a good reason to feel admittedly trepidatious in regards to what will come out of their Tacozilla. Although, with its specs and amenities in mind — which include room for a sofa, kitchen, dining area, toilet, and sleeping arrangements — this monstrous new camper is already shaping up to be quite the looker. Luckily, Toyota is uploading videos of the progress they are making on the project, and it looks to be going well, as the builders most recently installed the Tacozilla’s cage onto the Tacoma with successful results.

Expect to catch an official glimpse of Toyota’s Tacozilla on the weekend of November 2nd, as it will be entirely unveiled at the inaugural SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

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