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TELO’s MT1 is an Off-Road Workhorse In a Pint-Sized EV Package

TELO Trucks MT1 0 Hero
Photos: TELO Trucks

Over the last decade, the EV powertrain space has experienced some major technological leaps and bounds that have unlocked a host of new possibilities. On top of allowing for particularly competent all-electric daily drivers, EV advancements have also opened the door to an ever-growing number of pint-sized fully-electric off-road platforms like the Potential Motors Adventure 1 and the Canoo MPDV. The latest startup to toss its hat in the EV off-roader ring is TELO Trucks with its all-new ultra-compact yet ultra-capable MT1 model. 

TELO Trucks MT1 1
Photo: TELO Trucks

Touted by the manufacturer as being an “urban adventure vehicle,” the MT1 is an off-road-capable EV that clocks in at just 73” wide, 66” tall, and a length of 152” — the same measurement as a two-door Mini Cooper. This allows the MT1 to easily navigate congested city streets and occupy tiny parking spaces. Weighing in at 4,400lbs, the MT1 is powered by a dual electric motor setup that sends 500hp to the vehicle’s advanced AWD system, allowing for a 4-second 0-60mph time and a top speed of 125mph. Capable of receiving a 20% to 80% charge in only 20 minutes, the battery that the motor draws from managed to deliver a Tesla-esque range of 350 miles per charge. 

TELO Trucks MT1 2
Photo: TELO Trucks

What really makes the MT1 special isn’t just its size, but also its performance and workhorse capabilities. For starters, the MT1 boasts a 60” x 60” x 18” truck bed, which is the same dimensions as the bed on a Toyota Tacoma and actually larger than the bed of a Rivian R1T. In addition to matching much of the Taco’s hauling capabilities, the MT1 also shares the Toyota pickup’s legendary off-roading abilities. The MT1 also features a five-seater crew-cab configuration, though the pint-sized EV can also accommodate eight passengers with its bed converted to seating. 

TELO Trucks MT1 3
Photo: TELO Trucks

Requiring a deposit of only $152 — a nod to the vehicle’s 152” wheelbase — the TELO Trucks MT1 Urban Adventure Vehicle is available for preorder now, with pricing starting at $50,000.