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Super73 Bridges the Gap Between eBike & Motorcycle with Its Electric CX1 Concept

Since the company’s launch in 2016, Super73 has objectively stood as a disruptor in the two-wheeled space, offering lightweight, electric alternatives to traditional motorcycles that don’t require a license, registration, insurance, or any prior experience in the saddle. And, while the California company has already made some impressive strides over its short history, Super73 has now taken what’s undoubtedly its biggest step forward to date with the unveiling of its C1X electric motorcycle concept.

After learning that a significant percentage of current Super73 owners express serious interest in stepping up to a full-sized motorcycle — a fact that’s unsurprising considering Super73’s eBikes are a stellar “gateway drug” to motorcycling — the company opted to design what it considered to be the ultimate entry-level electric motorcycle in an effort to bridge the gap between an eBike and a full-size motorized two-wheeler. As such, the C1X is roughly one-quarter smaller than a typical motorcycle, boasting a 31” seat height, nearly identical dimensions to Super73’s RX model, a 15” wheelset in place of a standard road bike’s 17” items, and an ultra-short, agility-bolstering wheelbase of just 51” — less than 4” longer than the wheelbase of a Honda Grom minibike.

The CX1 also features a cleverly-designed motor-mounting setup where the electric mill is positioned behind the swing-arm pivot, completely eliminating any chain slack during suspension travel and allowing the bike’s designers to achieve its short wheelbase. What’s more, the CX1 is also constructed around a frame that’s been engineered to optimize mass-centralization, with a low-slung battery sitting at the bottom of the chassis that affords 100 miles of city range and can receive an 80% charge in under an hour. Sporting a sleek and modern design language that borrows a myriad of elements from the custom motorcycle realm, the CX1 has also been equipped with rear sets, a modern tracker-style front number board with an integrated LED headlight, micro LED indicators fore and aft, a massively upswept hooped subframe supporting a mono-posto saddle, aero disc wheels, and an inverted fork. And, with a targeted top speed of 75mph, the CX1 will be capable of short bouts of freeway travel, too.

While there’s no exact word on production, delivery dates, full specs, or pricing, Super73 is aiming for a release in 2023 and is currently accepting fully-refundable deposits for its road-going C1X motorcycle for only $73. Like a standard motorcycle, the CX1 will also require an M1 endorsement (motorcycle license), registration, and insurance.

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