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SUPER73 Unleashes Off-Road-Focused Adventure Series eBike

SUPER73 Adventure Series 00 Hero
Photos: SUPER73

Since its launch in 2016, SUPER73 has developed an enormous following of passionate riders that have started niche but dedicated sub-cultures based on the Orange County outfit’s bikes. Alongside on-track racing (which HICONSUMPTION has had the pleasure of participating in), SUPER73 bikes have also been utilized as off-road exploration and adventure machines by a growing number of skilled riders. In response to this trend, the company has now used customer feedback to develop a range of off-road-specific models appropriately christened the SUPER73 Adventure Series lineup. 

SUPER73 Adventure Series 01
Photo: SUPER73

Based on a trio of SUPER73’s existing electric two-wheelers, this new series of bikes consists of the SUPER73-Z Adventure, the SUPER73-S Adventure, and the SUPER73-R Adventure. On top of featuring the brand’s signature retro-inspired appearance, all three models also sport a tracker-style front number plate with a semi-sunken LED headlight, eight-speed cassette gearing, a new off-road-spec front suspension fork, an MX-style extended performance seat trimmed in a gripper vinyl, and a high-mount front fender, all as standard. What’s more, the trio of bikes is also offered in a handful of Series-exclusive livery options, including several satin paint choices and a new arctic camo option, and comes with a Bluetooth and smartphone-connected smart display that can show battery life, vehicle speed, pedal assist mode, and turn-by-turn navigation directions — also both as standard. With the exception of the SUPER73-Z ADV, the new models also boast relocated removable battery packs that now hug the inside of the frame’s lower downtube — a more fortified position that lowers the two-wheelers’ center of gravity and ultimately bolsters handling and performance. 

SUPER73 Adventure Series 02
Photo: SUPER73

Pieced together around a hard-tail frame, the SUPER73 Adventure Series’ entry-level model is the SUPER73-Z Adventure, which weighs 74lbs, and affords over 30 miles of throttle-only range or 50 miles of go-anywhere autonomy using a pedal-assist mode. Stepping up we have the SUPER73-S Adventure, which is a hard-tail model that features more than 40 miles of range at 20-mph speeds or an excess of 75 miles when helped along by a pedal-assist mode. Sharing its range and 6-7-hour recharge time with the S ADV, the SUPER73-R Adventure stands as the new off-road lineup’s flagship offering, and is a full-suspension bike that tips the scales at 88lbs, and packs a 750-watt motor with 1,200 watts of peak power that allows the aluminum-framed R-spec to reach speeds of up to 28mph when in off-road mode — a top speed figure shared across the board by all three Adventure Series SUPER73s. 

SUPER73 Adventure Series 03
Photo: SUPER73

Offered with a wide range of optional add-ons and accessories, the SUPER73 Adventures Series lineup is available now, with the SUPER73-Z Adventure, the SUPER73-S Adventure, and the SUPER73-R Adventure starting at $2,695, $3,595, and $3,995, respectively.