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Skoda’s Roadiaq Camper is an All-Electric Off-Grid Workspace On Wheels

Skoda Roadiaq Student Designed Concept Car 0 Hero
Photos: Škoda Auto a.s

Rather than trying to assemble and hire its future workforce by simply reviewing resumes from candidates on the job market, Czech auto manufacturer Škoda has opted to custom create it by molding a generation of current students into Škoda’s staffers of tomorrow. Done through what’s known as the Škoda Vocational School, this initiative sees students learn about a myriad different facets of the manufacturer’s operations, from engineering to marketing to bookkeeping. In 2013, the school began tasking its students with designing their own unique concept cars — a practice that’s still carried on today, most recently culminating in the unveiling of Škoda’s all-new student-designed Roadiaq concept car. 

Skoda Roadiaq Student Designed Concept Car 1
Photo: Škoda Auto a.s

Based on Škoda’s first-ever all-electric SUV — the Enyaq iV — the Roadiaq concept was created by several dozen students from the marque’s vocational school, who have transformed the zero-emissions sport utility vehicle into a bonafide battery-electric mobile-office camper. The four-door donor has been treated to an all-new roofline and rear structure, plus a new tailgate that allows a tent to be attached. Riding on 21” Supernova alloy wheels, the concept wears a two-tone Emerald Green and Moon White paint scheme complemented by a unique pattern running north of the window line. Maintaining the donor SUV’s length and width — though boasting a slightly stretched wheelbase — the concept features ground clearance that’s been increased to 7.5” as well as an overall height that’s 13.7” taller. Built atop the all-wheel drive Enyaq 80x Sportline spec of the Enyaq iV, the one-of-one concept is powered by a 230-kW dual electric motor setup that cranks out a collective 308hp and 348ft-lbs of torque while still managing to deliver a range of over 300 miles per charge, thanks to a 82-kWh Li-on cell. 

Skoda Roadiaq Student Designed Concept Car 2
Photo: Škoda Auto a.s

With the vocational school boasting such an emphasis and focus on the future, the students unsurprisingly opted to bestow the concept with a myriad of sustainably-made materials that are derived from recycled post-consumer content, including recycled textile upholstery for the vehicle’s entire cabin. In order to deliver on this vision, the students penned a redesigned Enyaq iV that sports a cabin with a small kitchen, a bed, and a computer and WiFi-equipped mobile office space and work station. To bring this part of the project to life, the students also received assistance from Škoda’s IT department, which lent a hand in incorporating a 27” monitor with an integrated docking station, a camera, a wireless mouse and keyboard, and wireless speakers. Designing a camper conversion is one thing, but actually building it is another thing entirely, which is why Škoda called on the van conversion experts at Cargodesign and KPS Automobile who were brought on board to advise the students, and also to assist in the actual installation and physical conversion of the donor vehicle. Other highlights on the student-designed camper include an onboard espresso machine, a solar-powered shower, and a suite of custom-designed and made removable furniture. 

Skoda Roadiaq Student Designed Concept Car 3
Photo: Škoda Auto a.s

While this student-designed concept obviously has no plans of ever being put into production, the fact that we’re consistently seeing more and more contemporary camper concepts from deep-pocketed factory marques means that it’s probably only a matter of time before one of these mobile basecamps actually sees the light of production — at least we hope!